Four Legged Works of Art
Video installation, 24:00 minutes

David: Mark Albi
Narrator: Jeff Dunn
Tracey/Traci/Interviewer/Audience Member 2: Susan Dunn
Tammy/Angela Kumpe/Audience Member 1: Melissa Shaffer

Writer, Director, and Editor: Jess Smith
Camera and Production Assistants: Leila Weefur and Maisie Fullerton

Exhibited at:
Featuring works by Benjamin Ashlock, Beatriz Balanta & Mary Walling Blackburn, John Hiltunen, Sarah McMenimen, John Russell and Jess Smith.
Curated by Jackie Im, Co-founder and Director of Et al. and Et al. etc., SF
Slide Space 123, Oakland
11.03.16 - 12.02.16